PIVOT- Hawaii Singles Group Only - No Sale Travel or Profits

Private Club - Members Can Take Trips Together


We dine at a variety of different restaurants around the Island of Oahu for a Great Meal 

Locations vary from week to week & rotate around different parts of Oahu for convenience sakes

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Networking Together

Networking Together is a great way to help each other and become a stronger better community


Businesses - Single Adults

Referrals to other Singles

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Sporting Adventures

Walking, Jogging, Tennis Hiking, Bike Riding

Nothing beats getting the adrenaline going like some good ole exercise

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Dance & Romance

Ballroom Dancing Fun

Take Lessons with us if you'd like to learn

What a great way to meet other people and make new friends and maybe a gf/bf

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WHAT  WE  DO -- The Plan

Weekly Events for Singles To Meet and Have Fun