PIVOT- Hawaii Singles Group Only - No Sale Travel or Profits

Private Club - Members Can Take Trips Together


We dine at a variety of different restaurants around the Island of Oahu for a Great Meal 

Locations vary from week to week & rotate around different parts of Oahu for convenience sakes

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Networking Together

Networking Together is a great way to help each other and become a stronger better community


Businesses - Single Adults

Referrals to other Singles

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Sporting Adventures

Walking, Jogging, Tennis Hiking, Bike Riding

Nothing beats getting the adrenaline going like some good ole exercise

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Dance & Romance

Ballroom Dancing Fun

Take Lessons with us if you'd like to learn

What a great way to meet other people and make new friends and maybe a gf/bf

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WHAT  WE  DO -- The Plan

Weekly Events for Singles To Meet and Have Fun

Dinners - Sporting - Book Clubs - Dancing - Network

Maybe 2 Groups --)  21 & Up --- 40 & Over

Form Planning Committees - volunteer

Networking Events Single Entrepreneurs

Single Parents Networking Together

Not About Making Money
1. Helping Singles Meet
2. Service Outreaches to Kapuna
3. Support for the Lonely
4. Networking Together to
??????? need catchy phrase

Maybe Small Monthly Dues [ $29 X 50 members = $1,450 ]

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